learning a new routine in the time of corona(virus)

coffee (daily) - once upon a better time, a latte. but at least bo starts a brew every morning before i'm awake
write (daily) - practice via writing my dreams. interesting, now i remember them more
crossword (daily) - 5 day streak and going
voodoo concoctions (daily) - a recent effort to ward away disease. really just vitamins + omega
cook (some days) - learning the magic of olive oil and ovens
yoga (some days)
read fiction (some days) - for the imagination, build an emotional vocabulary
read technical material (some days) - get into the mind of artists, learn the ways, build a visual vocabulary
watercolor (sometimes) - explore 2 dimensions and color
sculpt (daily soon i hope) - explore 3 dimensions, how to carve space
nonliveblog (idk if this will keep up) - remember
webmaster (whenever) - organize thoughts
connect with bo (daily) - check that we're growing and in parallel
connect with others (daily) - should probably not spiral into hermitness this early in life
chess (weekends)
wine (daily) - ideally phase this down...
water plants (sundays) - the only source of fresh air we have now